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| The human being in the centre |
The path to health is an important part of the foundation of life. 
For me it is exciting to get to know people in my work as a therapist,
to try to understand them holistically, to treat discomfort or
simply to bring them to complete relaxation.

Certified as registered nurse in paediatrics, 
Children's Hospital Zurich for birth preparation and re-education
Medically certified massage therapist
Certified Pilates care trainer 
Puppeteer in the Wengen Puppet Theatre

Languages: Deutsch, Français, English


| My passion are
cosmetic treatments and massages |
I have been interested in human functionality since 
my youth and I love to do something good for people. 
The nicest compliment are customers who 
doze away and let go thanks to the relaxation.
I am always learning new things and continue
to improve my skills, so that
treatments are even better suited to the needs of the guests.
It is important to me to respond to each person individually.

Commercial apprenticeship according to Art. 41
of the Ordinance on Professional Education and Training
Federally certified cosmetician
Courses in phytotherapy, fumigation,
natural cosmetics and massage.

Languages: Deutsch, Français, English


| Always something new |
I decided to become a massage therapist because
I want to give people holistic well-being for body and mind.
I am also interested in the effect of essential oils 
on the human being.

| Education |
Training as a sports teacher in Italy
Diploma as children's ski instructor 
Diploma as Health Wellness & Foot Reflexology 
Massage Therapist

Languages: Italia, Deutsch, Français, English


| My Passion |
I like to do massage and foot and facial care, because the guests
get real relaxation values through treatments.
This brings me happiness.

| Education |
Federal diploma as organic laboratory technician
Diploma as beautician & pedicurist
Diploma for classical massage therapies

Languages: Deutsch, Français, English



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