Family room Jungfrau view and balcony | 32m2 | max. 4 guests |



| Breathtaking view of the Jungfrau & the mountains
for the whole family |

32m2 | with balcony and mountain panorama | Spacious rooms
with real oak parquet floor | Up to 2x extra beds in the living room
with partition door |  
max. 2x adults and 2x children up to 15.99 years old |

| One bathroom with two basins and one bathtub with a shower head |

Twin beds for the parents: 2 meters long | 0.90 wide meters |
about 78 inches long | about 35 inches wide |

On request we can embed both twin beds in all our rooms
with a large topper and fitted sheet to make it feel
like a queen size mattress.

Extra beds for the children: 1.9 meter long | 0.90 wide meters | 
about 74.8 inches long | about 35 inches wide |
Baby cots are also available

Please let us know how old and tall the children are, in order to
the right extra beds or baby cots.

Colour, size and furnishing of the room/bathroom
may vary in the same room category


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