Double room Jungfrau view with balcony | 22 to 25m2  | max. 2 guests |



| Breathtaking view of the Jungfrau & the mountains |
22 to 25m2 | max. 2 guests | front side of the building |
with mountain panorama and balcony |
room with real oak parquet floor |

| Either a smaller room (22m2) with a
large panoramic window 
(twin beds in an austrian frame, not separable) |


| a larger room (25m2) (separable twin beds) with normal
revolving window |

| One bathroom with one basin and one bathtub with a shower head |

Twin beds: 2 meters long | 0.90 wide meters |
about 78 inches long | about 35 inches wide |

On request we can embed both twin beds in all our rooms
with a large topper and fitted sheet to make it feel
like a queen size mattress.

Colour, size and furnishing of the room/bathroom
may vary in the same room category

Max. 2 persons | No space for baby cots & extra beds 



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