No. 2 "Covid-19 certificate conversion of your non-EU vaccination certificate before departure & entry into Switzerland".

If you have a vaccination certificate from the following countries
Switzerland, European Union, United Kingdom, Albania, Andorra, Armenia-Faroe Islands, Holy See, Israel, Morocco, Monaco, Northern Macedonia, Panama, San Marino, Turkey, Ukraine, you are in the wrong place and can click on the following link: Continue page number 1. 

Otherwise, continue reading here:

Introductory statement to the certificate conversion: 

Despite the fact that you have already been vaccinated, unfortunately your certificate is not valid in Switzerland. Accordingly, you must request a conversion to a Swiss certificate at least 10 days before your departure for CHF 30.00 per person. 

Unfortunately, we cannot cover this cost for you, as we host too many clients from outside the EU, and we currently cannot afford this due to the crisis so far. We thank you for your understanding. 

We would like to apologize accordingly for the inconvenience caused by the decision of our government, which we do not understand. 

We hope that this will not discourage you from booking and we kindly ask you to follow the steps below so that you can enjoy your vacations with us in Wengen and in Switzerland without any disturbance.

First, some important notes for families:

No certificate requirement until the age of 15.99 years old: 
Children and teens under 16 will be allowed entry without testing. They must be able to prove their age with an identification document upon request. 

Accordingly, no compulsory testing for children under 16: 
Whether your children are vaccinated or not, up to 15.99 years of age, they are not required to show a negative test upon entry or during their stay. 

However, the entry form requirement also applies to children and adolescents of all ages. They may be included in the entry form of an accompanying adult.

Please take the following steps to prepare your holiday: 

  1. Conversion to a Swiss Covid certificate with QR code: 
    You must submit one application per person 16 years of age or older. You cannot cover more than one person with one application. Please apply for conversion at least 10 days before arrival in Switzerland. 
    Processing should not take longer than 5 days. Please click on the following link to apply online and pay the cost of CHF 30.00 per application directly:

  2. Swiss entry form: Fill out and submit the Swiss Covid Entry Form per person (children see comment above) online no earlier than 48 hours before your arrival. The completed form can be requested for inspection together with your Covid test at customs. You can find the corresponding entry form at the following link:

  3. Check-in: When checking in at the hotel, you will need to show your Swiss covid vaccination certificate (all persons 16 years and older), identity card or passport. The hotel will then scan your certificate with the Swiss Covid verification app. Accordingly, your received Swiss certificate should have a QR code. In the same hotel, you only need to do this once. You will then have access to all public areas of the hotel including SPA and swimming pool.

  4. For your leisure activities outside the hotel, you will have to show the certificate and ID card or passport again each time (e.g. restaurants, museums, etc.).

  5. If you need a Covid test for your return trip (please read the regulations of your home country), here you will find all the necessary information about the test centers in the region. Please do the registration yourself due to data protection: 
    Test centers in Wengen, Jungfrau region and airports.
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