Synthetic bed linen | special pillows | accessories


| Inform us of your wishes before arrival or at reception before 8.00 p. m. |
We will gladly prepare the beds accordingly.
Dial nr. 11 on the telephone in your room or click on one of the following link

| Allergies to materials & feather |

Please notify us of any allergies to materials and feathers before arrival.
We will gladly prepare the beds accordingly.

| Special pillows |

If you need special pillows for your neck, we kindly ask you kindly to
request them at the reception until 20.00 hrs.
Note: Our synthetic pillows are less soft than the feather pillows
if you find them too soft. 

| Room amenities | charging cable forgotten? |

We will be happy to provide you with the following additional accessories
for a deposit of CHF 25.00 (refunded on return).

| Amenities |
  • Iron
  • Adapter/USB
  • Charging cable for mobile phones
  • Table fans


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