Room cleaning | bath & wash towels | laundry service


| Room cleaning | More toiletries? | Linen?
Inform us at the reception until 20.00 h.  
No. 11 on the room telephone or 
| Titel Room cleaning in EN |
| 7.00 a. m. - 8.00 p. m. | 
If you need additional toiletries or bedding, you can let the
reception know until 20.00 hrs without any problems. This also
applies to room cleaning or more bath and wash towels. 

If a red card is displayed on the room door, your room will
not be cleaned.

Bed linen is changed every three days.

For the benefit of the environment: we do not change towels
that are hung up again. All towels that are thrown into the bathtub
are replaced.

Due to the Corona pandemic, we do not currently carry
out turndown service.

| Laundry service |
Normal service:
You will receive the laundry back approx. 48 hours later at 19.00 h.


Express Service
(with additional costs of 30%)
You will receive the laundry back approx. 30 hours later at 19.00 hrs. 

On request we can provide with pleasure an iron and bring it
to your room.


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