Swimming Pool & Sauna Opening Hours | Sauna Rules | Swimming Pond


| Swimming pool opening hours | Swimming pool rules |
| Swimming pool & whirlpool from 7.00 o'clock to 20.45 |

Children may of course use the whirlpool and swimming pool under
parental supervision. Please note, however, that we do not have a
lifeguard and the swimming pool, whirlpool & swimming pond are not

We kindly ask you to take a shower before bathing. 

For safety reasons it is not allowed to jump into the pool/pond.

Please be aware of the risk of slipping throughout the swimming
area and please do not run. 

| Sauna opening hours | Sauna rules |
| Sauna area from 15.00 to 20.45 |

As the guests are usually still outside in nature, we only switch on
the saunas at 15.00 o'clock. If you wish to start the saunas before
15.00 o'clock, inform us and we will be happy to switch them on.

| Sauna area rules |
Please note that the | sauna area is a relaxation area | and is
only accessible from the age of 16.

Accordingly, the sauna area is separated from the pool hall by
a door. 

Our guests may use the sauna area with or without swimwear.
However, please make sure that bare skin or their bathing clothes
are covered with a bath towel in the sauna area indoors and outdoors.

Please do not sit on the benches of the saunas with your bathing
clothes without a bath towel or naked without a bath towel.
This is also for hygienic reasons.
|  Swimming pond in summer |
| Swimming pond in summer from 7.00 o'clock to 20:45 |

The swimming pond may of course be used by children under parental
supervision. Please note that the swimming pond is not supervised and
there is no lifeguard. 

The swimming pond is not heated and contains natural water without
chlorine. The water is filtered and purified by the plants. Accordingly,
the water temperature is fresh and we ask you to take a cool shower
before bathing so that you do not enter the pond overheated. 

Please do not jump into the pond and be careful when you're entering
the pond. The entrance can be slippery due to natural conditions.

In winter, the pond is closed and not accessible. Danger of collapse
due to possible ice cover. 


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